Characteristics and applications of four types of enameled wires(2)

1. Polyester imide enameled wire

Polyester imide enameled wire paint is a product developed by Dr. Beck in Germany and Schenectady in the United States in the 1960s. From the 1970s to the 1990s, polyester imide enameled wire was the most widely used product in developed countries. Its thermal class is 180 and 200, and the polyester imide paint has been improved to produce directly welded polyimide enameled wires. Polyester imide enameled wire has good heat shock resistance, high softening and breakdown temperature resistance, excellent mechanical strength, and good solvent and refrigerant resistance.

It is easy to hydrolyze under certain conditions and is widely used in windings of motors, electrical appliances, instruments, electric tools, and power transformers with high heat resistance requirements.

2. Polyamide Imide enamelled wire

Polyamide Imide enamelled wire is a kind of enamelled wire with excellent heat resistance first introduced by Amoco in the mid-1960s. Its heat class is 220. It not only has high heat resistance, but also has excellent cold resistance, radiation resistance, softening resistance, breakdown resistance, mechanical strength, chemical resistance, electrical performance and refrigerant resistance. The polyamide Imide enamelled wire is used in motors and electrical appliances working in high temperature, cold, radiation resistant, overload and other environments, and is also often used in automobiles.

3. Polyimide enamelled wire

Polyimide enamelled wire was developed and marketed by Dupont Company in the late 1950s. Polyimide enamelled wire is also one of the most heat-resistant practical enamelled wires at present, with a thermal class of 220 and a maximum temperature index of more than 240. Its resistance to softening and breakdown temperature is also beyond the reach of other enameled wires. The enameled wire also has good mechanical properties, electrical properties, chemical resistance, radiation resistance, and refrigerant resistance. Polyimide enamelled wire is used in motors and electrical windings of special occasions such as nuclear power, rockets, missiles, or occasions such as high temperature, cold, radiation resistance, such as automobile motors, electric tools, refrigerators, etc.

4. Polyamide Imide composite polyester

The polyamide Imide composite polyester enameled wire is a kind of heat-resistant enameled wire widely used at home and abroad at present, and its thermal class is 200 and 220. Using polyamide Imide composite polyester as the bottom layer can not only improve the adhesion of the paint film, but also reduce the cost. It can not only improve the heat resistance and scratch resistance of the paint film, but also significantly improve the resistance to chemical solvents. This enameled wire not only has a high heat level, but also has characteristics such as cold resistance and radiation resistance.

Post time: Jun-19-2023